Now The Llama Sanctuary Needs a Forever Home

Seeking a Forever Home

The Llama Sanctuary is the largest camelid rescue organization in Canada and possibly North America. Last August, the landlord of a long-term rental property, announced he had different plans for the land being used by The Sanctuary. All those years of developing a beautiful park for The Llama Sanctuary were swept away.  Despite great effort, a new home could not be secured in time and so the entire Llama Sanctuary was moved to a temporary location for just a few months.


How You Can Help:

The Llama Sanctuary requires around 80 acres of usable land, with at least 6 acres of level ground.
The Sanctuary requires a leasehold, rent-to-own or a benefactor to procure the property and place it into trust for The Llama Sanctuary Society.
Prices of property suitable to manage The Llama Sanctuary are well over a million dollars.  Can you help?
Donations are essential, but we also need to spread the word.  Please do what you can!
llama with paralysis in mobility chariot


The Llama Sanctuary must vacate its current temporary home by the end of March 2023


The owner of the property generously invited The Llama Sanctuary to stay whilst a permanent home was found and procured.  The owner requires the land for their own farming operation.  We appreciate that forty llamas and a large sanctuary operation is a BIG deal to invite into your home!!! 

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