holding a bucket of food for Brownie the llama

Don’t listen to what we say, listen to what other people say about us!

Girl receiving kiss from Paul the llama at The Llama Sanctuary

“My family and I visited The Llama Sanctuary and fell in love with all of them.”

visitors to the llama sanctuary cuddling a llama

“An absolute treat!  The visit is simply amazing!  You get to meet the animals and interact with them in such a wonderful way.”

“What a wonderful experience this was!  Located about one hour east of Kamloops, Lynne and David have set up a gorgeous, spacious sanctuary for rescued and surrendered llamas and alpacas.  Lynne spent nearly two hours walking us around the complex and introducing us to each of the 41 animals by name.  We hand fed them apples and carrot pieces and got to pet the ones who would let us.”

visitor with Gemmy the blind alpaca at The Llama Sanctuary in British Columbia

“I can’t say enough great things about this fantastic sanctuary!”

“I will make sure to visit The Llama Sanctuary each time I am in BC.  David gave us a wonderful tour around the premises.  It was so special meeting the different llama residents and hearing their stories, some of which are quite incredible.  I particularly enjoyed meeting Haven, who was recovering from a stroke, as well as becoming special friends with a gentleman named Toby, who took quite the liking to me!”


Meeting The Llamas

Gemmy the blind alpaca loves to meet new people at The Llama Sanctuary
Google review of The Llama Sanctuary
Visitors to The Llama Sanctuary get to interact with the llamas in a special way
some of the llamas love cuddles and lots of attention
children interacting with llamas at The Llama Sanctuary, located near Salmon Arm, British Columbia

“The visit with the animals was so informative and sooooo much fun!!!!”

“The experience we had at The Llama Sanctuary will long be remembered!”

intimate moment meeting Moji the llama at The Llama Sanctuary in the North Okanagan
Duffy the llama saying hello to young girl at The Llama Sanctuary
genuine reviews by visitors to The Llama Sanctuary
young girl feeding a sick llama in the llama sanctuary hospital
Little girl meeting two big llamas at The Llama Sanctuary

“We are eternally grateful to caretakers Lynne and David for all you do for these animals.  It is inspiring!”

David and Lynne managers of The Llama Sanctuary - the largest camelid rescue charity in North America

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"Fantastic experience! Such a down to earth and good natured time. All the animals were very friendly and polite and both me and my partner enjoyed learning about one of them. I highly recommend it!"


"Well I have to say that my visit to the Sanctuary was amazing! What a wonderful place! As soon as you get to the property, the stress fades away and you can't help but smile."


"If you haven't been to The Llama Sanctuary yet, please go. You won't be disappointed. The llamas are unbelievably friendly and were very gentle with my son. This place is a hidden treasure and I will be returning as many times as I can.""


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