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Many people like to donate, but want to be sure their donation is being used wisely.  Here’s a great way to ensure that for yourself.  The Llama Sanctuary requires a lot of ‘stuff’ just to maintain day-to-day operations.  These are small items, but they still add significantly to the operating expenses at this busy animal rescue and care facility.

Order From Amazon

Whether or not you’re a fan of Amazon, it’s a very convenient way to direct your donation.  Order gifts directly from Amazon and let them take care of the shipping

click on the images to see the items in store

soft knotless hay net for llamas

Soft Hay Net

Feeding hay in nets has many health benefits. These soft rope, knotless hay nets are gentle on the muzzle, help keep teeth trim, aid digestion and prevent waste.

hardwearing hay bag for elderly sick and injured llamas and alpacas

Hay Bag

These small hay bags are perfect for feeding hay to the sick, injured and elderly llamas. 

water bucket

Water Bucket

Tough 20 quart bucket with flat side. Blue is the preferred colour to prevent bacteria, but the llamas aren’t fussy!

Other Stores

Amazon isn’t the only store in town and they’re not always the cheapest.  Local stores like PeaveyMart, CanadianTire and PrincessAuto also offer really good deals

click on the images to see the items in store

llamas eating from wall hanging haynet

Poly Wheelbarrow

Wheelbarrows – we actually use a lot of them and this is the one that works for us

This one is from CanadianTire

lightweight shovel for llama beans

Bean Shovel

Lightweight poly or aluminium shovels, essential for one-handed, bean-scooping

from PrincessAuto

5 gallon heated water bucket

Heated Water Bucket

Heated water buckets for winter.  These 5 gallon buckets are the most reliable and long-lasting heated buckets on the market

from PeaveyMart

Donate to CATS2 Sanctuary

Currently under development, CATS2 is a new offshoot of The Llama Sanctuary, featuring the Kitty Kat Lounge allowing our less fortunate feline friends to find a Forever home.

items most required for the cat sanctuary at this time

Glider-rocker chairs for the lounge in good, clean condition 

Cat tree – cat tower – cat condo  for a more entertaining life whilst living in the confines of the sanctuary.  Home-made or shop-bought, all are welcome as long as they are in good condition

This type of ladder shelving is ideal for storing cats when not in use!!  Available on Amazon or perhaps a handyman might like to make some??

Any clean and serviceable cat related items will be gratefully received !!  Also donations of cat food and litter (clay or wood stove pellets)

Lenny eating from hay bag
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Lenny eating from hay bag

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