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The Llama Sanctuary website is packed with information, accumulated over many years of working with camelids, so please use the search facility first if you think your question might already have been answered.



If you would like to contact The Llama Sanctuary, please send an email to:


support [at] llamasanctuary [dot] com


Remove the spaces and insert the correct symbols for the elements in brackets.


We are usually very quick to respond, unless we happen to be out catching llamas!

Rest assured, we will be in touch.


We welcome callers to use this number for sales purposes, but please note that by doing so you agree to make an immediate donation of $500 to The Llama Sanctuary for each instance.

To contact The Llama Sanctuary Tel: +1 250 948 3675

The Llama Sanctuary

PO Box 1602

Vernon, British Columbia, V1T 8C2



Frequently Asked Questions
when to Call the SPCA

I’ve seen a llama and it looks really thin and I don’t think it’s receiving enough food or proper care.  Will you come and rescue this llama?


A: No.  The Llama Sanctuary does not have such authority to take the property of another.  If you believe that an animal is suffering from abuse or neglect, call the SPCA or the police.  The Sanctuary can then assist under their authority and direction.


If life takes an unexpected or undesirable turn, there may be an urgent need to find a new home or a temporary home for your llamas or alpacas.  Contact us.  We do our very best to connect you with someone who can help you or if necessary, we can move your herd to The Llama Sanctuary whilst a new carer is found.

Emergency Evacuation

Evacuation of animals due to forest fires, floods and other environmental situations is becoming more common as Earth Changes occur in these times.  The Llama Sanctuary can provide short term care for animals and herds displaced by evacuation.  This is for camelids only.  We cannot take dogs, cats, goats, sheep etc.


Situations sometimes arise where people suddenly find themselves unable to care for the animals they love.    Retirees are welcome at The Llama Sanctuary, where you are welcome to visit and spend time in the beautiful parkland setting with your friends.   We do ask for donation(s) sufficient to meet all needs for the life of the animal(s), which is in the order of $1200 per year per animal.

What should I do now?

If you are new to llamas or alpacas, you might have a thousand questions that arise:  How do I catch her?  I have heard that an alpaca can die if the halter is not correctly fitted…  Do they always require shearing?  Help!  He’s jumping the fence!  She won’t let me cut her toenails ….and on and on.

Ask.  We’re here to help.

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Once upon a time, The Llama Sanctuary was small and relatively easy to maintain. As the Sanctuary has expanded, so the amount of time available to post updates on Facebook and other Social Media sites has decreased, but we are still there. You could help The Llama Sanctuary enormously by becoming our social media advocates! Follow Us, Like Us, Love Us, Tweet, Pin, Post or whatever you can to bring attention to camelids in need. Blessings to you!