The Llama Sanctuary and COVID

The Llama Sanctuary welcomes visitors by arrangement.  The large outdoor spaces and policy of no drop-in visitors makes it easy to ensure your safety during these challenging times.  Please note that the llamas do not wear masks and do not concern themselves with social distancing!  Give us a call and book your guided tour now.


Getting Involved

Saving Animals

Why Save Animals?

You might have noticed the huge increase in animal societies and rescue organizations.  This is a direct result of an increasing compassion that is being felt by the people of this planet.  This compassion is finding expression through such advocacies as cleaning garbage from the oceans and reducing our use of fossil fuels.  This is just the very beginning of a tidal wave of awakening that is occurring, together with a realization that we SHARE this planet with other life forms that have as much right to live as we do.  Having developed a passion for llamas and alpacas, life has directed us to provide a special home for those camelids who require assistance.

Why Make a Donation?

Not everyone is in a position to care for animals, nor perhaps have they the experience or inclination to do so.  Donating is a way of sharing the burden of cleaning up the mess of human existence and caring for those we might have harmed along the way.  The costs of running a large animal shelter are considerable and the hours required to manage all of the animals and all of the enquiries often stretch beyond the hours available.  It is a passion that rises from the soul and often demands everything one has and more.  We get down on our knees and beg for a penny here and a saving there to try and make ends meet.  And we appreciate every word of encouragement and every penny that is offered.

Some of the  Sanctuary Characters

Gemmy - alpaca

completely blind, but a force to be reckoned with

Rambo - llama

His carer died in an accident

Sofia - llama

roamed wild in the mountains for a year, but was about to be shot

TomBurke - llama

the first and mightiest

What we do

Our Services


Situations can suddenly arise in life that pull the rug from under one’s feet.  Illness, accident and family situations are not uncommon that mean animals that were previously loved, no longer have anyone to care for them.  There is never judgement.  Give us a call.  We can help.


Age or infirmity creeps up and requires that you downsize your home, meaning your camelid companions cannot come with you.  Maybe they are elderly or you wish to ensure they receive the special care they deserve.  The Llama Sanctuary is equipped to provide for special needs.

Finding a Home

It is not possible to keep all of the llamas that come to us, but we have connections and work hard to find the most appropriate placement for the younger and healthy animals.  If you need help in finding a suitable home for your herd of llamas or alpacas, let us know.  The elderly and those animals requiring special care remain forever at The Sanctuary.

Emergency Evacuation & Respite

If you are evacuated due to forest fire, flood or other natural disaster, we may be able to assist in providing a home for your alpacas and llamas.  Other temporary care taking services can also be provided.  If we can help, we will.  Just ask.

What Drives Us

Our Mission

Rescue, rehabilitation, re-homing and retirement of llamas and alpacas in need.

Get Involved

If you would like to get involved and help at The Llama Sanctuary, we would love to hear from you.  Serious enquiries only.  This is not a holiday camp!

Upcoming Events


3-Day Camelid Training Event with Marty McGee-Bennett

Visiting The Llama Sanctuary

The Llama Sanctuary is open for private tours. We welsome visits, even at short notice, but PLEASE telephone ahead of time, because we might be away on a mission of compassion!


Featured Llamas

Llama April extremely matted coat requiring hand trimming before winter


Surrendered to The Llama Sanctuary  Aug 2020


Retired to The Llama Sanctuary  May 2020

Llama Willow newly arrived at The Llama sanctuary August 2020


Arrived at The Sanctuary Aug 2020


Newly arrived March 2020

Thoreau arrived wt The Llama Sanctuary from the SPCA


SPCA Rescue March 2020 – now a full time resident at The Llama Sanctuary


Miniature Llama ‘Summer’ arrived November 2019


4 year old gelded llama


Relocated to The Sanctuary

The Cookie Tribe - 4 Llamas

Herd of 4 llamas


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Llama Adoption

Adopting vs Buying

Not all llamas require shearing.  The majority of the llamas that come through The Llama Sanctuary are Ccara llamas, which have a coarse guard hair covering a soft under-down.  If you are hoping to use fibre from a llama, then the ccara llama is not for you!  Also, many of these animals have not been trained or have experienced some form of abuse or neglect and require time and handling to acheive trust and respect.  If you require a well trained llama that produces beautiful fibre for spinning, we recommend that you buy from a respected fibre llama breeder.

Animal Welfare & the Law

Canada has a long way to go to reach standards of animal welfare found in other nations, but laws still apply and are improving each year.  Where natural compassion and respect are absent or lacking in an animal keeper, then the law can force the keeper to provide proper care or force them to surrender the animal.