Greetings Cards | The Llama Sanctuary

Greetings Cards

trekking with llamas
alapaca with llamas
llama eyelashes
sleeping baby llama
llama with baby, llama love
grazing llamas, grass
llama keeping cool, sprinkler
guard llama, llama with woodchuck
suckling llama, llama milk
soft llama fibre
llama fiber
llama on halter, running with llamas
llama grazing
llamas on mountain
llamas on the hill
llama trekking
llamas in the snow
llamas in the wild
working with llamas
newborn llama
sleeping llama
baby llama, cria
old llama
elderly llama, dropped pastern
saving llamas, llama kiss
alpaca rescue center
frosty llama
feeding llamas, hay
llama rescue center
lama wool
racing llama

boarding llamas

Please help us support these enigmatic creatures. We all share this planet and we all deserve respect.

Just $3 dollars will help to buy hay for the long Canadian winter. If you cannot afford even $1.00, then send the card with our blessing and please spread the word:

2013 Winter feedings costs at the Llama Sanctuary = $3380

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