Alpaca Finance

Dec 29, 2021

alpaca finance community owned lending on the Blockchain

Leveraged Yield Farming

Alpaca Finance is a Blockchain lending and savings platform where users can earn 5%+ interest in the form of a passive APY on digital USD or crypto assets.

The platform is decentralized and supports open finance, bringing permissionless, yet safe banking to the entire world.

Giving Back

Alpaca Finance is a product built by the people, for the people (or as they like to say: ‘by the alpacas, for the alpacas’) and is distributing more than $300,000 USD to animal rescues and other nature-oriented charities.  Alpaca Finance has set out to make a real difference in this world!


Alpie NFT from Alpaca Finance

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT’s)

Alpaca Finance has also created an NFT artwork series called ‘Alpi’.  Alpi is aimed at serious collectors, casual investors and online Gamers alike.  Take a look.


New to NFT’s ?     Wikipedia has a simple explanation of NFT’s

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Alpaca Finance

“Let Care & Compassion be our Legacy”



About The Blockchain

In a nutshell, the Blockchain is a vast warehouse that makes a record of whatever data you care to enter into it. It cannot be corrupted and it cannot be controlled by any person or organization. Here is a pictorial explanation of what the Blockchain is and how it works:

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The Blockchain is a global platform upon which cryptocurrencies are exchanged and stored, but it can be so much more!

If you wish to store a digital photograph on the Blockchain, you can do so. When you upload the photograph, you receive in return, a unique code and a date and time stamp. In twenty years time, if you enter that unique code into the Blockchain, it would tell you the date and time the code was created. By this and other means, it can be used to prove copyright. If you sell the rights to that photograph, The Blockchain can make a record of the sale and it can keep track of the history of all transactions concerning that photo.