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by | Aug 12, 2019

The Llama Sanctuary located near Chase in BC

Feeding FAQ’s

On average, The Llama Sanctuary cares for 30 and 40 llamas and alpacas at any time.

Pasture grazing and wild forage is the natural diet during the summer months.

Hay must be provided for at least 210 days of the year, each resident requires between 3 and 5lbs of hay daily.

The Llama Sanctuary requires between 30,000 and 40,000lbs of hay every year, costing approximately $5500 to $6500.

A 600lb bale of hay costs $90 and will feed 16 llamas for about 10 days

A 60lb bale of hay costs $10 and will feed 4 llamas for 3 to 4 days.

In addition to hay, many of the elderly and chronically thin llamas and alpacas require special supplemental feed, costing an additional $2000 per year.

Your donations help enormously!  The Llama Sanctuary receives no regular funding from any government department or organization. Every penny has to be found by working, by donations or by getting on our knees and begging.

Come and see how your donations are used.

Your Support Really Helps

We honour and respect all creatures with whom we share this planet.  Say YES to Life!

Ample Pasture – Extra Mouths

 As long as there is rainfall every month, the grazing is sufficient for most of the herd during the summer.  In dry years, some areas can be irrigated, but mostly, the grass quickly dries up and hay must be provided to supplement.

In addition, The Llama Sanctuary can receive a sudden influx of residents due to an emergency and this places a heavy burden on the feed reserves.  The Sanctuary is always open to receive evacuees from wildfires, flood and other environmental disasters.

Other Ways to Help

Etsy Store:  Visit the Etsy Store FibreArtsBootcamp – all purchases are donations to assist The Llama Sanctuary.

Join us for fiber art tutorials, classes and other crafty events listed on

Visit The Llama Sanctuary for Guided Tours and a Llama Safari

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