Meet the Llamas - Close-up!

Daily Guided Tours


 In a happy environment, llamas are inquisitive and friendly.  A Llama Sanctuary Tour takes you right into middle of the herd!

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The Llama Sanctuary is Open!

The Llama Sanctuary is open to visitors at the new location:
Recline Ridge Ecopark, 1315 Tappen Valley Road, Tappen, British Columbia

The Park gates are kept locked – Booking is Essential

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Paul the llama likes to check every visitor


Shy llamas watch from a distance, bold llamas step right up and say ‘Hello!’  All of the llamas were shy at one time.  Will you be the first one a shy llama speaks to?

Daily Tours

Please book your tour ahead of time

May – Sept
Tours Start at
10:00 am


Oct – Apr
Tours Start at
11.00 am

Visiting The Llama Sanctuary is an exciting and yet peaceful experience.  The paddocks at the new Ecopark location are gently sloping and have not yet been groomed, so they are not ideal for wheelchairs and strollers.  If you have a wheelchair or have difficulty moving over rough ground, let us know beforehand and we will make sure the llamas are accessible to you.

Giant llamas
Last Tour
 3.00 pm


Llamas playig games on the hillside

On cool days the llamas can be found mooching around the park or playing games.

Tours may be possible at other times.  We always do our best to accommodate individual needs

The days are long at The Llama Sanctuary.  When we are not guiding visitors, a myriad of other tasks demand our attention: feeding & tending to the elderly, the sick, the injured, the disabled; cleaning paddocks & barns, building, shearing, nail-trimming, fence repairs, grass-cutting, driving around the country catching, re-homing or otherwise helping llamas in need, counting llamas,  as well as trail-clearing, noxious plant removal and of course, answering emails, telephone calls, website building and fulfilling orders from The Llama Sanctuary online shop.  The list is endless.


some of the Sanctuary characters you will meet


Rescued from the Railroad


Loose on the highway


Trouble looking for somewhere to happen!


Gentle Giant


Head of Llama Kisses

Carmen & DeChagny
Carmen & DeChagny

SPCA Rescues

Want to help The Llama Sanctuary in some way?
Bella & Rico
Bella & Rico



Rescued Guanaco

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Where It’s At


Recline Ridge Ecopark
1315 Tappen Valley Road
Tappen, British Columbia
llama cria - llamas come in many colours

How Much Does it Cost?


$10/child 6yrs-16yrs

Guided tours typically last an hour and a half and we make every effort to ensure you are WOWED by the experience.

Your generosity is appreciated.  Thank you!

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