by | Dec 29, 2021

Why not sponsor a llama or an alpaca?

Benefits of Annual Sponsorship:

Receive by email a digital certificate, personalized with your name and a picture of your chosen Llama Sanctuary resident;

Receive a personalized photograph of your llama;

Receive a birthday card from your llama;

This gives you the ‘Keys to The Llama Sanctuary’.  This means you can come along to The Llama Sanctuary with a picnic and some snacks for your llama and share time together! (not all of them like to be cuddled and fed snacks by the way).


feeding carrots to a llama attacked by a bear

Annual Sponsorship Program

sponsor a llama or sponsor an alpaca

Cost of Sponsorship

Make a donation of $100 or more

Send an email with the details for the certificate and birthday card

Book a visit !!

Book Your Visit to The Llama Sanctuary

The Llama Sanctuary is open to visitors almost every day. However, we do require advance notice for all visits. We might be away collecting, rescuing or re-homing a llama and we wouldn’t want to miss you!

Send an email or Call us on 1 250 948 3675 (leave a message if necessary – we will return your call.



The Llama Sanctuary is open all year