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Llamas on The Blockchain

If you have been brainwashed by the mainstream media into believing that the Blockchain is a dark place full of drug dealers and warlords using dodgy money, you might want to consider that many popular banks have been using it for a few years and are heavily invested in the technology. Perhaps for some, this will just confirm that The Blockchain is full of drug dealers and warlords! Do you recall the Bank of Credit and Commerce International scandal ?

Anyway, there is nothing corrupt about The Blockchain, it is simply a global ledger that can be used by anyone to record anything ….including Laid Back Llamas!

Laid Back Llamas might look a little funky, but they are hot-selling works of art! The rights to these digital works of art are selling, along with the work of dozens of other artists on Opensea, a global marketplace for artists. In order to protect the rights of the artist and the buyer, all purchases are made using cryptocurrency, so that the transactions are recorded in a global ledger, known as The Blockchain.

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Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT’s)

Laid Back Llamas is a unique collection of digitally created llama characters, sold as NFT’s (Non-Fungible Tokens). The rise is popularity of NFT’s over the last year is a phenomenon! Soaring from a few million dollars worth of trading a little over a year ago to a massive multi-billion dollar market, my guess is that most trading of digital goods will soon be done through NFT’s. You might soon be ditching iTunes and buying music, videos, books and every other kind of digital asset as NFT’s.

For a simple explanation of NFT’s read Wikipedia

Ignoring the minor physiological discrepancies, (for instance, llamas don’t have upper teeth or long tongues), Laid Back Llamas is a unique collection of images being sold by auction using digital currency. The images can be bought and used or they can be resold, usually for a profit and already they are being sold for much greater value than their original asking price.

Take a look at Laid Back Llama ‘Boss Llamas’ here: https://opensea.io/collection/bossllamas

In addition to the herd of 100 Boss Llamas, there are 7000 llama images also being sold on Discord. Admittedly, some of the Boss Llamas look a little unfriendly, but that’s only because the artist has not yet visited The Llama Sanctuary and experienced being surrounded by a herd of peace-loving llamas!

Kaminari llama - one of the Boss Llama NFT's on Opensea.io
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Laid Back Llamas Supporting The Llama Sanctuary

Now for the really cool part (apart from the images themselves!). Each time these images are sold, a percentage of the sale is donated to The Llama Sanctuary! Wowzah!

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Boss Llamas - a collection of NFT characters that support The Llama Sanctuary

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About The Blockchain

In a nutshell, the Blockchain is a vast warehouse that makes a record of whatever data you care to enter into it. It cannot be corrupted and it cannot be controlled by any person or organization. Here is a pictorial explanation of what the Blockchain is and how it works:


The Blockchain is a global platform upon which cryptocurrencies are exchanged and stored, but I quickly learned that it could do so much more and when I first encountered it back in 2014, whilst studying possible foundational structures for The Llama Sanctuary. I was quickly gripped with Blockhain Fever.

If you wish to store a digital photograph on the Blockchain, you can do so. When you upload the photograph, you receive in return, a unique code and a date and time stamp. In twenty years time, if you enter that unique code into the Blockchain, it would tell you the date and time the code was created. By this and other means, it can be used to prove copyright. If you sell the rights to that photograph, The Blockchain can make a record of the sale and it can keep track of the history of all transactions concerning that photo.