Visitor Gallery

by | Sep 27, 2021

Wondering what a tour of The Llama Sanctuary might look like?  These photographs have all been taken by visitors, capturing some of the wonderful moments of interaction with the llamas and alpacas.  If you have a favourite photograph you would like to share of your time at The Llama Sanctuary, send it in!

All images on this website are copyright, owned by the individual photographer.  Please respect these rights and do not copy without consent.

Llama Thank You for Coming to The Llama Sanctuary

Moments to Remember

Amigo - The Walmart Greeter

Alpaca Cuddles

cuddles with an alpaca



Llamas in the Park

Llamas in the Park

So Gentle

So Gentle

Birthday Party at The Llama Sanctuary

Birthday Party at The Llama Sanctuary

A Whole New Group of Friends

A whole new group of friends

Say Cheese!

Llama Cheese

Extra love for the sick

young child feeding a sick llama

A Family Outing to The Llama Sanctuary

The Llama Sanctuary is for the whole family

A Joyful Experience

the thrill of feeding a llama

Special Llama Kiss

A special llama kiss

Magical Day with Llamas and Alpacas

Magical Alpacas

Getting close to a llama

Getting close to a llama

Old Mikey is my favourite

The llamas all have such unique characters

A tremendous feeling of peace

A sense of such peace amongst the llamas and alpacas

The first time this llama allowed someone to touch her

First time stokes for a rescued llama

Llama Safari

Llama Safari

Let's fly somewhere together!

awesome alpaca

Big Teddybear

My Big Teddybear

I love my picture being taken!

Llama loves being photographed

Is that for me?

llama takes an apple

Can I take the llama home with me?

Can I take the llama home?

Gentle Giants

Gentle Giants of the llama world

A Feast of Llamas

A Feast of Llamas

Llama Nap Time

Llama nap time

The Llama Sanctuary is open all year

Book Your Visit to The Llama Sanctuary

The Llama Sanctuary is open to visitors almost every day. However, we do require advance notice for all visits. We might be away collecting, rescuing or re-homing a llama and we wouldn’t want to miss you!

email us at: support (at) llamasanctuary (dot) com

Call us on 1 250 679 8121 (leave a message if necessary – we will return your call.