There are many ways in which you can help The Llama Sanctuary.  It’s not all about money!  Donating blankets, hay, sacks of llama feed and even your time, are all gratefully received (see below for a more comprehensive list of common items of which The Llama Sanctuary always has need).


Without donations, The Llama Sanctuary could not continue to provide service and care for the hundreds of animals that are brought to our attention each year


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The Llama Sanctuary has been involved in Blockchain activities for many years and is actively involved in NFT projects and DeFi, including organizations such as: LaidBackLlamas  The NFT Agency and Alpaca Finance

For Cryptocurrency donations, send a message here and we will send you the appropriate wallet address


Email The Llama Sanctuary:

support @

(remove the spaces either side of the @ symbol)

We're usually very quick to respond, unless we happen to be out catching llamas!

Rest assured, we will be in touch very soon


We welcome callers to use this number for sales purposes, but please note that by doing so you agree to make an immediate donation of $500 to The Llama Sanctuary for each instance!

To contact The Llama Sanctuary Tel: +1 250 948 3675

The Llama Sanctuary

PO Box 10050

Salmon Arm, British Columbia, V1E 3B9



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