Llama Adoption Inquiry

Adoptions Within Canada Only

If you are interested in adopting rescued llamas or alpacas,
please complete the following form to the best of your ability.

We aim to move the rescued llamas the least distance possible
and with certain exceptions, if llamas arrive in groups, they
will not be separated.

You may be required to attend an orientation/learning day at
The Llama Sanctuary

Llama Sanctuary Adoptions are limited to Canada only.
Cross-border adoptions are not possible at this time.

    Your name

    Your email

    Telephone Number

    Best Time(s) To Reach You

    How many llamas/alpacas are you hoping to adopt?

    Where are you located? (town/province/country)

    Do you have experience handling/haltering/caring for llamas?

    How much land is securely fenced and available for llamas?

    What type of grazing/forage is available? eg. mixed grass, alfalfa, shrubs etc

    Are you aware of poisonous plants/trees on your land?

    Are you willing to spend time working with the llamas?

    What kind of fencing do you have and what is the minimum height of the fence? (optional)

    Do you have a vet who is prepared to attend llamas? (not all vets will work with llamas)

    Are you prepared for & able to pay vet bills, if necessary?

    Tell us about you. Why do you want to have llamas/alpacas? (optional)

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