Laid Back Llamas

Take a Selfie with a Llama Cahllenge

The Llama Selfie Challenge

Llama Selfies at The Llama Sanctuary

Take your Selfie at The Llama Sanctuary and receive a FREE pair of Llama Cartoon Socks!

No booking required – just let us know you’re coming! 250 679 8121

Give a $6 donation to The Llama Sanctuary to come in a take a Selfie and you’ll receive a FREE pair of Cartoon Llama Socks.


The Challenge

Take a Selfie with a REAL llama between Thursday 9th Dec and Sunday 12th Dec and be entered into a The Laid Back Llama Prize Draw.
The Selfie must include a real llama and you holding a sign saying ‘LAID BACK LLAMAS’.

To Participate

go to:

​Laid Back Llamas Presents:

SELFIE-WITH-A-LLAMA Challenge for National Llama Day

Join this simple and fun challenge for a chance to win one of the HUGE prizes being offered by Laid Back Llamas


Prizes include $1000 in ETH, Laid Back Llama NFT’s and Whitelisting for the upcoming release of the Laid Back Llama NFT’s.  CLICK to learn more about NFT’s
Furthermore, Laid Back Llamas is donating $50 to The Llama Sanctuary for every Selfie submitted.  Wowzah!!  This is a great opportunity to help out and have some fun!
cartoon llama socks in The Great Little Llama Shop at The Llama Sanctuary
national llama day challenge video

When’s it Happening?

From Thursday December 9th 2021 until 7pm PST Sunday December 12th

Where’s it Happening?

This challenge is open to everyone all around the planet.  No matter where you are, if you can find a llama (or alpaca), you can participate!

King Vandallama

King Vandallama

One of the Boss Llamas at Laid Back Llamas


Win Llaid Back Llama NFT’s (Non-Fungible Tokens)

Win Ethereum Cryptocurrency

Automatic Whitelisting (access) to the new Laid Back llama NFT Release

First time stokes for a rescued llama
First time stokes for a rescued llama
The Llama Sanctuary is for the whole family
hello llama
how to find The Llama Sanctuary, map

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