David-cameo-200On December 17th I wrote about Coco, who broke her leg in a fall on the icy ground.  The initial prognosis was not good and several veterinarians did not believe that healing was possible in such a large animal and recommended immediate ‘euthanasia,’ a rather sanitized word meaning to kill.

With all due respect for the vets, and I do have great deal of respect for those people who have chosen to devote themselves to the service of animal welfare, it is unfortunate that much of what is taught in veterinary college is directed by research from ‘BigPharma’ – the huge pharmaceutical companies profiting from the suffering of others.  In my opinion, suffering is frequently increased by introducing cocktails of extraordinarily toxic chemicals into a delicately balanced natural organism and tricking people into believing that those chemicals only affect the part of the body or organ for which they were prescribed …phew!  That is a rant that I should save for another day.  Furthermore, certainly in the case of llamas and alpacas, there is a great deal that we do not know about them and too few people willing to step out of line and explore the infinite possibilities open to us all, if we choose to let go of convention.

llama with broken legIn Coco’s case, we chose to consider the possibility that she could heal herself, if given the support and opportunity to do so.

The fourth vet we spoke to agreed to apply a cast to the lower leg, providing the necessary stabilization, while natural support was given in the form of homoeopathic remedies.  In the case studies I found on healing broken bones, the use of SYMPHYTUM OFFICINALE accelerated the healing of bone to around three weeks.  Well, on the 24th December, just 19 days after the cast was applied, the vet carefully removed the cast to check on progress.  Her leg was completely healed!  He was amazed to find a nicely rounded callous formed all around the break, which was very close to the distal end of the canon bone; a particularly awkward place to heal.

The cast was taped back into place to provide support for another couple of weeks and last Friday, we had the great pleasure of removing the cast and allowing Coco the freedom to walk around unfettered.  This short video shows that moment better than any words.

Anything is possible, if we allow such space in our minds.  By fixing our minds with preconceptions and mapping out the process of what we expect things to look like, we block out all other possibilities; we limit our capabilities as beings of infinite intelligence, infinite wisdom and infinite power.  We believe that life is completely rational and that anything not rational is irrational.  Non-rational thought is the doorway to our innate creativity.  It’s time to tune into a new way of thinking.

Blessings on you all.