Build Your Own Fiber Picker


A comprehensive set of plans enabling you to build your own FAB Fiber Picker! This design is the culmination of years of experimentation, building and use of wool pickers in The Llama Sanctuary. It is perfect for opening matted fleece, blending different fibres and cleaning vegetable matter out of dry fiber. For someone with some basic woodworking skills, this is an easy build.



The FAB Fiber Picker is an essential and versatile tool for any keen fibre artist. This fibre picker is in daily use at Fibre Arts Bootcamp, for opening matted wool, fleece and fibers of all types, for removing vegetation from wool, for preparing fiber for combing or carding and for blending different types of fiber together. Over the years we have experimented with different designs and sizes and have built quite a number of picking machines, always seeking to improve upon the last.

With these plans you can build your own wool picker for a fraction of the cost of buying one. If you don’t enjoy woodwork, then perhaps you can sweet-talk someone into building it for you!

The plans are comprehensive and highly detailed, ready for any do-it-yourselfers who get a kick out of making their own equipment. Over the years I have built and used many pickers, trying to find the perfect machine that would perform well with all types of fiber. Some pickers worked well with some fleece but not others. Finally, we came up with a design that worked well for all tasks.

Picking is not always necessary, but if you have a fleece that is dense or matted, perhaps from the washing process or is full of vegetation, then picking is the perfect way to open it up and prepare it for carding or combing. You will be amazed at the vegetation that falls out of the fibre into the bottom of the picker!

The plans have been created using CAD (computer aided design) and include more than forty 3-dimensional images, showing you precisely how to build this machine yourself and get the most from it. The detailed documentation contains clear instructions for building the picker, together with useful tips to ensure it serves you well.

The plans are available for immediate download and include additional photographs showing the picker in action. You can also watch me using the picker in an extraordinarily boring video on YouTube:

A drill press is recommended for accurate drilling of the holes, but otherwise basic carpentry tools will get the job done.

The file contains many folders containing drawings and photographs as well as a PDF file with detailed instructions. All the drawings and instructions are contained in two pdf documents. A separate zipped folder is also included that contains the drawings and photographs arranged a folders for ease of use. This download includes two pda zipped file. Please note that some portable electronic devices such as iphones and tablets do not come preloaded with the app required to open a zipped folder. There are many free apps such as Winzip that you can install to open the file, but failure to unzip the file first means you may not be able to view all of the contents.

All of the proceeds from this digital download go directly to support the animals at The Llama Sanctuary.



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