Llamas are very playful, especially the youngsters, although boys play very different kinds of games to the girls! scary llama, fighting llama Whereas the girls are practicing escape and evasion tactics to avoid predators and keep the youngsters safe, the males are combat training; vying with each other for the position of Top Llama; Head Honcho or Herd Sire. Unfortunately, not all of the boys play by the rules.  Some are violent, intending to utterly defeat their opponent and win the match once and for all and since the fully grown males are equipped with half a dozen razor tipped and hooked fighting teeth, they can inflict horrific damage.  Those teeth need to be trimmed with obstetric wire or filed to prevent serious injury.   Although in most cases we have found it is not necessary, we still trim all fighting teeth to avoid accidents.

Thankfully, those troublesome boys are few and far between and the sparring matches are playful, entertaining and keep the boys in good physical shape.male llamas fighting to be herd sire

Haven and Tantoo chase each other and spar almost every day and very seldom do they resort to spitting or real aggression.  Mostly, they are just having fun.  I shall put together a video of their antics.  It’s worth taking a five minute break, just to watch them play and try and understand their complicated game rules!