Gemmy the alpaca was born blind and despite assurances from the vet that she could not possibly enjoy a quality of life, she has thrived for 7 years in The Llama Sanctuary.  Her greatest challenge has been making friends.  Gemmy breaks all the rules of social engagement with other camelids; she gets too close and she bumps into them.  However, despite being the spit target for everyone else in the Tribe, she never spits back.
Eddie the Alpaca arrived at The Llama Sanctuary in October of 2023 in an appalling condition.  He had not been shorn in many years and his coat dragged on the ground.  His legs and tail were completely matted to his body severely restricting leg movements. His filth encrusted coat smelled awful and his leg muscles wasted so much  he can barely walk.
Eddie and Gemmy and alpaca love affair
Gemmy the blind alpaca and friend
We have tried many times to find a companion for Gemmy, but no-one likes her.  She prefers human company, especially little humans!  It had not occurred to us to match her with Eddie, but by chance they were moved into the same paddock in readiness for shearing …and they hit it off!  Eddie loves the fact that she is completely non-threatening and Gemmy likes Eddie’s habit of humming as he walks.  She would follow that hum to the ends of the Earth and Eddie’s protective instincts have come alive!
Their heart-warming story even caught the attention of CBC news:

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