Whether or not you celebrate or adhere to the doctrines of any of the special days in our calendar, they remain suitable reminders for those who set aside time each day to ponder and contemplate their philosophy in life. share a little llama loveValentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine, like almost all other celebrations has been divested of its reason and clothed in commercialization for the entertainment of the masses.    Whether or not Saint Valentine of Rome really was thrown in jail for performing weddings for soldiers who were instructed to rape, but not wed, it doesn’t matter.  Perhaps it is worth, just this once, sitting down and truly enjoying the celebration of love and all that it means.

In case you didn’t know, animals appreciate love too.  They acknowledge special relationships and they grieve when those relationships end.  Give a little thought to all the animals in jail, for the crime of not having anyone to love them!

welcoming new arrivals in the sanctuary