Feeding time is always fun  ……. entertaining?   …..challenging! (that’s more appropriate) at the Llama Sanctuary.  Come rain or shine, gales or snow; in sickness and in health and no  matter what else has to be squeezed into the day, the llamas still need feeding, watering, cleaning and the many other duties to administer for their health and survival.

feeding llamas in winterEveryone gets hay, both high quality grass and ‘first cut’ forage hay, which contains a wider variety of nutrients and roughage than grass from well-groomed fields.  Oats and pelleted feed are are also on the menu for lactating mothers, who require extra protein, as do the older animals and the skinny or the sick.  Some of the llamas require special feed due to various ailments and all of this has to be prepared and provided each day.

And of course, they DO NOT all stand in line and wait patiently for their turn!llama in winter