A fully grown llama will drink between four and eight pints (2.5 to 5 liters) of water every day during the winter months.  In this part of the world, the animals at The Llama Sanctuary will be eating hay from  October through to April and all dehydrated feed needs to be re-hydrated somehow, usually in the body.llama drinking, water, heated water trough Although we managed to water the herd in the cold north of Canada, without the use of heated water troughs, they certainly make life easier!  They do however, require regular cleaning, since the warm water can quickly become a pond of bacteria that can impose a heavy burden on weaker individuals.

We made the conscious decision to ensure that naturally pure water was a priority wherever we chose to live.  Water additivespure mountain water, danger of fluoride to animals like chlorine and deadly poisons like fluoride (hydrofluorosilicic acid – possibly the most dangerous acid known to man) do have a profound impact on the health of animals over the long term).  The evidence is out there if you can cut through the fiction generated by the major media outlets.

Don’t believe everything you read and hear, especially if it comes from ‘cancer research’ organizations!  Forgive me if you find that offensive, but the truth hurts sometimes and it does not imply that the people working on the ground level in these organizations are deliberately misleading us, they are merely at the bottom of a hierarchy that has less than good intentions.

Remember that illness derived from the consumption of miniscule amounts of a substance may take many years to manifest and it is easy to ignore the real source of illness.