Another week of cold weather, where the mercury struggles to rise above minus ten Celsius during the daytime, means that extra high protein rations are doled out to each and every member of the llama herd.  Left to their own system, the stronger and more dominant llamas and alpacas in the herd would push the weaker ones away, so Lynne ensures that they all get their fair share and that takes a lot of time …and not a little pushing and shoving! llama security force, cold weather feed for llamas and alpacasThankfully, Group of 4 Security Services’ ensures that the deliveries speedily reach their destinations without hassle and they swiftly deal with any attempts to hijack the buckets!

Of course, there are perks to the job and occasionally a little bit falls off the back of the truck.

feeding llamas in winter

This year, the llamas in the sanctuary are experimenting with a mixture of reconstituted beet pulp, rolled oats and soaked alfalfa cubes.  Llamas have such efficient digestive systems that they can easily become over-weight on high protein feed, but since they do not store much fat, these cold winter days can easily drain their reserves.  Feeding can be a delicate balancing act.