As anyone who works with animals will tell you, there are never enough hours in the day!llama barn, winter

Severe weather adds to the workload, with each of the llamas and alpacas requiring extra food in the form of oats, alfalfa cubes or Text ration.   The sick, the elderly, the pregnant and any lactating mothers require special feed and since some of the animals are timid and others are bold and bolshy, all the llamas are fed individually.  That takes  time!  Rambo has to have his food pre-soaked after suddenly losing most of his teeth, Angelina requires special care for a jaw problem,  Georgia appears to be suffering from morning sickness, Chiisai has bouts of conjunctivitis; all these are usually treated homeopathically, along with the myriad other acute situations that crop up.

feeding oats llamas, llama text….and of course, the snow needs shoveling on a daily basis, the barns need mucking out, the hay has to be distributed to eight separate feeding stations and without the luxury of automated watering, twenty five gallons of water needs to be carried to the various heated water troughs.

Is it worth it?  Absolutely!