Llama Looking for Hope

Update – September 2016 Chipper has found a new family! 

Meet Chipper.  Word has it that he’s about 12 years old and he certainly looks lively and healthy from the photographs.  And like so many others of his kind, Chipper the llama is searching for new home

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Chipper another llama looking for a home 2016


Chipper is an intact (not castrated) and very handsome Classic or Ccara llama, indicated by his smooth ‘banana’ ears, smooth fibre on his legs and face and the double coat, which is less likely to attract the dirt and vegetation.

Despite rumours that circulate to the contrary, intact male llamas are not ordinarily aggressive and need not be castrated to ‘calm them’.  In the considerable experience acquired working with numerous males at The Llama Sanctuary, unless the castration is performed in the first 2 years of life, then the procedure makes no difference to temperament.  Intact males can live quite happily together.

On no account should ‘banding’ castration be performed on a llama.

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If you have the facilities, the love and the desire to provide for this beautiful llama, please let us know and we will put you in touch.  We understand that transport may be available.

classic llama with smooth ears and double coat

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