Most male llamas and alpacas will live happily in groups, whether they are intact or castrated.  Occasionally, we encounter a llama or an alpaca who just has to cause trouble!  Not much different from humans really; one troubled soul can disrupt the lives of many.

Jasper is a four year old gelding alpaca and incredibly easy to catch, halter and shear.  He walks beautifully on a lead and does not shy from crowds.  He even allows children to cuddle him.  However, place him in a paddock with another alpaca and all hell breaks loose!  The air is filled with a chorus of screams and the pungent odour of alpaca spit.  The fighting does not cease, even after several weeks.

Eventually, he will settle down, they always do, but in the meantime, he has to be segregated.

Jasper emerges from his hay trough to discover brilliant sunshinealpaca, fight, troublesome