Weathering The Pandemic Storm

the fewer the donations, the greater the demand
The dust appears to be rising still in this storm of a viral pandemic that is sweeping the world and it is clear to most that it may be a goodly time before the dust begins to settle. Belts are being tightened, many businesses are being forced to close their doors and the number of unemployed continues to mount. It’s not a pretty picture right now and one of the first casualties when general household spending reduces is the non-profit organizations. Ironically, it is the non-profit organizations that are often in greater demand when there is less money in circulation and in this category you find The Llama Sanctuary.
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as the demand for assistance from The Llama Sanctuary increasewith the fear of the pandemic, donations have reduced to almost zero

Georgie llama arrives in snow wearing coat

Increased Demand

Just when the number of enquiries and the number of surrendered animals goes up, the funding and the donations go down or stop altogether, as is the case right now. Even though 3 of The Llama Sanctuary residents passed over the Rainbow Bridge to Eternal pastures of Shamballa this winter, the number of residents has increased to 37, with another 5 arriving directly from the SPCA a few days ago and three of those are certainly pregnant!

A huge hay bill

Feeding 40 mouths through a long winter is a huge expense for The Llama Sanctuary

Old Timers Sunbathe in Spring

Gemmy - the blind alpaca

Every penny donated goes to maintain The essential services t The Llama Sanctuary

Exceptional Winter

The exceptional snowfall and cold of this winter has taken its toll and a foot or more of snow yet remains, meaning full hay rations must be fed for another month at least. A number of elderly and skinny residents still receive pelleted feed and mash of various kinds to support them. Coping with outbreaks of lice and mites amongst the infirm requires time, isolation space, and yet more money. Veterinary bills rarely come in at less than $300 per visit and yet almost every day, we receive calls from people who can no longer care for their animals or require the assistance of The Sanctuary to do so.

winter icicles at The Llama Sanctuary

Many Ways You Can Help

So whilst the fear of the storm rages more wildly than the storm itself, we urge you, nay, we get down on our knees and beg you to help. Donations of money, hay, feed are urgently required, but we do have a number of other innovative ways you can help:

Laundry Ozonators – Donated to The Llama Sanctuary and available to you at cost price. Ozone is Nature’s strongest bleach providing endless supply for sanitization in all areas of your home, fruits and veggies, utensils, hand sanitizer and mouthwash.

    1. G1 – basic Ozonator
    2. G3 – Ozonator with silver ion generator built in.

If you knit, crochet, weave, felt or participate in any of the fiber arts, take a look at our online Fibre Arts Store. It is always open for business. This store is entirely dedicated to supporting The Llama Sanctuary.

Another avenue to assist is by switching your allegiance from your present skin care products to one of Skin Gemms plant stem cell products being offered separately or as part of a complete skin treatment package. Shipping is free! We recently created this innovative range of organic, vegan, cruelty-free skin care products, all being offered in Black Violet Glass containers, perhaps the most exciting innovation in natural preservation to touch the market place. Expect to see a great deal of food and drinks and body care products being presented in Black Violet Glass containers, as the range of shapes and sizes increases. Fifty percent of the income from this business goes to help the animals under care of The Llama Sanctuary. Did I mention the free shipping?