Just one day of February sunshine can wash away many days of tribulations ….if you let it!

There is always so much to do around the Llama Sanctuary, especially in winter with all the extra feeding, watering, mucking out and shoveling endless mountains of snow and it’s so easy to become impartial to the beauty and pleasantries that surround us all the time.sunbathing llamas Yesterday was magnificent.  Warm and sunny with brilliant blue skies and wispy clouds dodging around the mountain tops.  I thought this would be a great opportunity to wander around the barns and corrals with the camera, but the llamas didn’t want to play and they weren’t shoving and spitting at each other for the best place at the hay feeders; they were soaking up the sun.llamas in the winter sun, llama rescue

What a wonderful reminder that life is a ledger; it requires the books to be balanced.  It’s too easy to be engrossed in work to such an extent that life skips past, making it feel like a never-ending boxing match.  Spending that time just sitting with the animals as they enjoyed the splendour of sunshine and warmth, after so many weeks of cold and wet, was like having a full charge in our batteries.  Invigorated and rejuvenated, we know we can hold up through anything.

………………Just as well really, it’s snowing again today!