Meet some of the residents of The Llama SanctuaryDavid-cameo-200

Many of the llamas in the Sanctuary have been through traumas in life that have left them with behavioral challenges, at least as far as interaction with other llamas and humans is concerned.  Handling, feeding and training these animals requires time and a special place away from the main herd, as does caring for the sick and elderly.  That’s why we need your support.

Right now, The Llama sanctuary urgently needs to raise funds to pay for a new barn for this winter.  The main barn is already crowded and with several special needs cases to manage this winter, a separate covered area is essential in order to provide the llamas with the care they deserve.


Whether it’s $10 or $1000, you can be sure that your donations is gratefully received and will be put to good use in the care of these magnificent animals.

For a closer look at what life in The Llama sanctuary really looks like, here’s another short video: