UPDATE:  These 4 llamas have found a wonderful new home!

The Delicate Thread of Life

Our lives hang by a fine thread and no matter how much care we take, how much insurance we have and how much preparation we make, any one of us delicate human beings can find ourselves spinning out of control under circumstances we could never imagine, even in our most lucid days.  This is not victimization by the Great Universe; it is life and it is how we grow.

We are either growing or dying and this is the moment of choice in life for all of us, to help others to grow through their challenges, as others may help us to grow through ours.  When we stretch ourselves to help others then we too can grow.  When we build a great wall around us to protect ourselves, then it is no more than our own tomb that we build; we must die behind that wall.

Enough philosophizing and on to the task in hand !!  We have the great honour to help a family grow by finding new homes for four beautiful young llamas that are much loved and cared for.


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llamas in British Columbia with strong facial markings

As a family that has been dedicated to helping animals in need for many years, it is difficult to ask for help in return.  But as ill health enforces change, ask they must and help they need.  The animals that they have loved and cared for over the years must find new homes.  How can you help?

Vanilla Bean

This 7 year old gelding has one of the most even facial masks I have ever seen.

Chocolate Chip

Vanilla Bean’s best buddy, Chocolate Chip is 8 years old and ‘Top Llama’ of the herd,  He is also a gelded male with strong facial markings.  These two llamas do everything together and will remain together for eternity.  Apparently, Chocolate Chip will be the first to eat out of your hand.

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The youngest of the group, born in 2010 to Tabitha, Pancake was very sick as a cria and was hand-reared, spending much of the time indoors with the family.  Typically, the sickly crias seldom make it past 2 years old, but he was nursed through it and is now a strong and handsome young chap.  His shaggy coat indicates the presence of Suri genes.

These llamas are presently situated near Kelowna in the Okanagan region of British Columbia.

brown llama - caring for llamas
suri genetics in a shaggy coated llama


The only female in the group, Tabitha is also 8 years old and shows off a luxurious fibre coat.  She is a little more wary than the boys, which also means that she is much more alert for predators than the others and always the first to raise the alarm, should danger be lurking.

Tabitha and Pancake have a strong bond and should also remain together.

If you are willing and able to provide the love, the care and the facilities to look after these llamas, please contact us as soon as possible.

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