Sproinging is the act of bouncing on all four legs at the same time, providing the animal with both height and forward motion.  Spook a deer in a field and it will probably give a perfect demonstration of sproinging as it runs away.   Sproinging launches the animal several feet into the air, allowing it to see much further afield over the tall grass and foliage at the same time as escaping and deer are the masters of sproing!

Llamas may once have used sproinging in the same way as deer, but since they no longer live in the wild, they use this beautiful movement as a way of showing off.  It is incredibly graceful and a delight to watch a herd of llamas, all sproinging and playing follow-the-leader.  They are displaying their prowess, their suitability for mating and their ability to lead the herd.  Llamas also love to play and often stimulate each other to run around, showing off, racing each other and sproinging in unison.

Sproinging is usually followed by strutting; holding their heads high, the llamas ambulate with perfect grace and symmetry.  I must capture that on video sometime!

The Llama Sanctuary – British Columbia