“I know it’s your favourite, but it’s too small !”

I’m certain this phrase has been quoted by parents for countless generations and will continue to issued by the parents of countless generations to come.  Such is our innate fear of letting go of the past.llama coats, winter coats for llamas llama wearing winter coat

The Llama Sanctuary has just taken delivery of a pile of cordura fabric, webbing, buckles and binding.  Now all we have to do is make up the new llama coats.

It seems strange to put coats on llamas, but a variety of factors come into play, requiring extra warmth and protection for some of the herd.  The elderly, the sick, those with slow growing fiber and the young fiber producers who don’t have the coarse guard hair that sheds the rain and snow, all need extra clothing at times.  Heavy snow or winter rain flattens their fine woolly coats, which can freeze or lead to hypothermia.

They don’t need to wear the coats all winter, only when heavy snow or deep cold is forecast  ….and no, they aren’t all that keen on having them strapped on, but they do learn to appreciate the warmth!