The Llama Sanctuary Weekend Training Event – 1-3 June 2019

Regrettably, this event has been cancelled by Marty McGee.  The Llama Sanctuary is looking for alternative llama and alpaca training options.

Yay! The Llama Sanctuary is finally established at its new location near Chase in British Columbia and with new fences, new buildings, oodles of space for camelids and people, The Sanctuary is now ready to host events and what better way to kick off the events than with a training weekend for llamas, alpacas …and people with llamas and alpacas.  June 1st to June 3rd 2019 – join us for 2 or 3 days.

Marty McGee Bennett

Travelling all the way from sunny Florida to run the event and share her amazing skills and experience is the ‘llama whisperer’ herself, Marty McGee Bennett from CAMELIDynamics. It doesn’t matter whether you are managing a large herd of alpacas or llamas or you have one or two companion llamas who only approach you when food is on offer, everyone is welcome. In fact, even if your companion is something other than a camelid, much of this training weekend is applicable to other species! What goes on in the mind of an alpaca when confronted with a halter? How do you get a llama to go where you want her to go? This is an incredible opportunity to see first-hand what makes a llama tick. You will learn some simple skills that will make life Oh! so much easier and then you can put your newly learned skills into practise under the watchful eye of Marty.


Beautiful Location

This is a three day event and covers everything you need to know from the perspective of an absolute beginner, through health and safety aspects of animal handling, how to herd your animals without getting red in the face, through that oft-times dreaded procedure called ‘toenail trimming’ (Oh yes! I am looking forward to this one!), all the way to navigating obstacles and clicker training.


The Llama Whisperer

Marty has 30 years or more of experience whispering ‘sweet nothings’ into the ears of llamas and alpacas and getting them to do exactly what she wants. She learned a long time ago that llama-wrestling is neither fun nor healthy and only makes life with your animals more difficult, painful and traumatic for all concerned. Turning a llama to mush with one wink of an eye might require a bit of practise, but miracles are not uncommon under the tutelage of Marty, so don’t be put off by the bad behaviour of your own unruly fibre clan. We are about to learn that most of the bad behaviour originates with us.



Overview of the training weekend curriculum:

Day 1: Introduction to Camelidynamics and the Science of Behaviour

  • CAMELIDynamics what it is, how it can help you
  • The Science of Behaviour–why doing things in a kind and respectful way is also the most scientifically sound approach
  • The basics of balance and the physics of animal handling
  • Herding, catching, haltering
  • Halter fitting–the magical effect of understanding how a halter works
  • TTouch and using bodywork as means of communication with your llama or alpaca

 Day 2: The CAMELIDynamics Approach to Herd Management – ‘Have more fun AND get more done!’

  • Learn how to effectively and calmly complete the herd management requirements of all camelid owners.
  • The magic of the midline catch and the bracelet
  • Learn to use a neck wrap
  • Picking up feet, trimming toenails
  • Organizing a shearing day and “Shearing Tips and Tricks”
  • Giving injections without restraint
  • Helping your vet
  • Organizing your facility
  • Raising and training respectful and confident babies
  • Using the catch pen and the mini-catch pen
  • Working without restraint, creating and using the CAMELIDynamics Handing Facility

Day 3: Leading with balance and refinement/ Introduction to Clicker Training

  • Leading can be fun for both you and your animal. It is a perfect way to build a positive relationship with one another. Leading serves you in many ways: on the trail, out with the public or in the show ring. This class will teach you how to use refined leading  techniques and balance to help you and your camelid become a finely honed team.
  • Learn how to get an animal to stand still on he lead
  • Balance, Balance, Balance! Learn how understanding it helps you with herd management as well as how to show your animal to his or her best advantage
  • Learn how your behaviour effects your animal on the lead rope
  • Learn how a halter works and how to make the halter work to communicate what you want your llama or alpaca to do.
  • Leading with refinement, competing over obstacles, trailering, and teaching to wear a pack or costume
  • Using bodywork for your llama or alpaca as a way of relaxing him before, during, and after competition
  • Obstacles and how to use them to create confidence that will (SURPRISE) help you trim toenails and give injections more easily
  • The basics of event marker training:  teaching a behaviour, putting it on cue, specifics of how to set up for clicker training with camelids (clicker training) including hands-on exercises and practice
  • The Camelid Clicker Cookbook
  • Use your knowledge of behaviour to understand animals on an entirely new level



Accommodation & Facilities

Bring your own animals or watch and work with those in The Llama Sanctuary. Large indoor facilities are available if the weather becomes a little too inclement for us wimpy humans. The Llama Sanctuary shares 160 acres of beautiful pasture and forest with a horse boarding facility. Plenty of room for RV’s if you wish to stay on site. Hotels and motels are 20-30 minutes away and some rooms have already been pre-booked so check with us first if you require a room.



Reserve Your Place Today!

The scenery is gorgeous, the climate is pleasant and this property is also blessed by having a very low mosquito count. Woohoo!

CLICK HERE to secure your place on this fabulous weekend training event (all course bookings are made through Marty’s website)

The Llama Sanctuary is dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and retirement of llamas and alpacas. Many of the residents here have an unknown history, some have a history of abuse, others have lived in the wild for a time, fending for themselves. We even have a blind alpaca who can teach all of us some neat tricks! The Llama Sanctuary has many unique handling challenges, but as we know, every animal is unique, so bring your own if you wish and let’s make this an eye-opening, empowering and entertaining weeks.