Llamas have extremely thick woolly coats.  In fact, when shearing, you realize just how thin they really are!  Rambo is chronically ill and has lost most of of his body fat, making him susceptible to the cold.  Even with his naturally thick coat, without extra blankets he probably would not survive temperatures below minus twenty Celsius, which is what we are experiencing right now.llama coatWearing a double layer fleece blanket, followed by a llama coat, with another extra long, double layer fleece blanket over the top that folds around him when he is cushed, he appears to be quite comfortable.  Sometimes though, he also needs a llama-sized hot water bottle (5 gallon water butt) to stay warm.

fiber llama before shearing, baby llama

Before Shearing

fiber llama after shearing

After Shearing

Rambo had to be hauled up the hill to a heated workshop this morning, since the air was so cold, he was struggling to breathe.   Yet another reason we need to have purpose-built facilities to care for the animals in the Sanctuary.    The Llama Sanctuary will find new premises this year, come hell or high water!

If you would like to help, donations are welcomed with a smothering of llama kisses!  You can always help by visiting our Fiber Arts Store at www.FABinBC.com .  All proceeds go to the llama sanctuary.