veterinary homoeopathA significant question that hovers over the head of anyone who keeps animals, is ‘what happens to my friends when I die?’  Actually, the question should be rephrased to ‘what happens if I am no longer able to look after the animals in my care?’  The Llama Sanctuary is frequently called upon to pick up the pieces when the question remains unanswered.

Today we have a situation that requires urgent attention:  Fifteen alpacas need a new and loving home.

These alpacas were once very much loved and cared for, but when their keeper died, they were left without a knowledgeable carer.  A rancher offered to take all thirty of the alpacas in the herd, not realizing that they required significantly more care than the bison with which he was used to working.  Half of the alpacas have since found a new home, but with the approach of winter, the remaining fifteen urgently require proper homes.jack-rehomed

Someone generously paid for the vet and shearer to visit, but as of this moment, they have no shelter.


I understand that at one time the alpacas were registered, but no microchips have been found and there are no papers available.  There are no apparent health problems with any of them.

As far as we know, there are three intact males, one gelding and eleven females of various colours.


The alpacas are located about fifty kilometers from Edmonton in Alberta.

Home Requirements

The requirements for providing a home are set down in The Llama Sanctuary Adoption Form (contact us for a copy).   The home must be able to provide adequate pasture and commit to providing health and nutritional care typical for camelids.   Find out more by reading our guide to re-homing.

These alpacas are NOT for slaughter.

The animals in this herd have been together for a long time and we request anyone offering a home to accept at least five of them, to ensure some continuity of bonds.

If you believe you can provide a loving home for some or all of these beautiful creatures, please contact us asap.

Transport may be available at a cost.alpaca rescue

The alpacas in this photo may not be those requiring a home at this time, but they are certainly part of the same herd.

The Llama Sanctuary is a Humanitarian Foundation based in Southern British Columbia and is dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing of llamas and alpacas in need.  Providing a safe and loving home for between twenty and forty llamas and alpacas at any one time, these animals are always grateful for donations from caring supporters  to help pay for food, shelter, vehicles, medicine and the hundreds of other costs involved in providing care and sanctuary.  Thank you for your support.