If only there was an easy way to feed the llamas and ensure that each and every one of them received their fair share.  Unfortunately, the strong, the demonstrative and the long-range spitters end up with everything, leaving the weak and elderly;  the sick and the small, out in the cold with nothing.  Therefore, all of the llamas and alpacas with special needs, whether pregnant, or ill, receive special attention.feed a llama Feeding a winter mash of oats, reconstituted beet pulp and chopped alfalfa takes a lot of time to prepare, as well as to ensure that each animal receives their meal.  Thankfully, Rambo is on hand to help  ….or maybe not!

Enjoy this short video as Rambo tries to assist Lynne with the feeding!

Rambo, who is getting on in years, arrived at the Llama Sanctuary in 2012 after his keeper tragically died in an accident.  He has been suffering from a serious illness, but is making great progress thanks to homeopathy.  The swollen glands under his jaw had completely gone by the following day.  Now we just have to build up his strength once more.