All camelids (llamas, alpacas, camels, vicunas, guanacos) have Exquisite Eyelashes.

Eyelashes aren’t just for show, they perform several important functions, especially for animals with large eyes.  Llamas have extremely long, thick eyelashes.

llama eyes, eyelashes

  • Eyelashes shield the eyes from falling rain, snow
  • They protect eyes from debris like dust, hay and seeds
  • They provide shade from the sun
  • They are extremely sensitive to touch; acting like the whiskers of a cat; warning of objects in the vicinity of the eye. Very useful when browsing in trees and bushes!
  • Ok, ….and they also look gorgeous!

llama face, eyes, eyelashes, colours














The Llama Sanctuary is dedicated to caring for camelids in need.  Although The Llama Sanctuary welcomes donations to help pay for the shelter, food and healthcare for the rescued animals, funding is mostly derived from fiber artists.  Please visit Fibre Arts Bootcamp and have a look in the Online Store!