It’s not often that the llamas want to go for a walk in the evening, but they obviously appreciate the milder temperatures as much as we do.  You can almost smell the excitement of the grass waiting to grow beneath the snow  ….or maybe I just stepped in something icky.

Anyway, the llamas can sense Spring in the air and they keenly search for the tiniest patches of earth and and vegetation, such is their innate urge to forage for food.

Llamas are foragers and even though though might have a barn full of hay, they still feel the need to wander from place to place, so as not to deplete one particular area.  Maybe there is a lesson in there for humans!

walking with llamas, foraging llamaThe Llama Sanctuary is dedicated to caring for homeless, abandoned or neglected camelids.  The Sanctuary is funded by generous donations and by income derived from the fiber arts.  (see Fibre Arts Bootcamp  display – right)