Forest Fires in British Columbia

Although stories and images are emerging on the Internet of homes destroyed and entire farms wiped out due to the wildfires rampant in British Columbia at this time, the emergency is far from over.  A few people are being allowed back onto their properties following evacuation, since there’s nothing left to burn.  The fires leave behind tragedy in the hearts and lives of the people and move on to the next region.  Our hearts open to all who have suffered or remain in the danger zones.  The only solace we can take from these events is that everything has a Higher Purpose; a purpose far beyond the limited understanding of the human mind.

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forest fires in British Columbia, emergency evacuation of livestock

Emergency Facilities Available

In the meantime, thousands of animals are stuck in the emergency zones and with so many road closures and ‘permit-only access’, evacuation becomes extremely difficult.  If you believe that your animals are in danger and are still able to get them out ahead of any closures, then The Llama Sanctuary has lots of space available to care for llamas and alpacas.  There is also a wealth of facilities here for horses.

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Contact Us in an Emergency

The Llama Sanctuary recently relocated to much larger premises about 20km from Chase and although the barns and shelters are not all in place yet, we have many paddocks and fenced areas and are especially equipped to handle camelids.  We do not have sheep and goat-proof fencing at this time.


horses boarding along side llama rescue
emergency in British Columbia, evacuation of llamas and alpacas

We’re Here to Help

The smoke is pretty thick, but we’re a long way from the active fires.  The Sanctuary has a trailer and may be able to assist with moving.

If you need help or think you might need help in the near future, Contact Us.

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