Llamas Looking For Homes

The Llama Sanctuary receives a lot of inquiries, both from people looking for llamas and people looking for a new home for a llama.

If you would like to provide a home for a llama, then be sure to read the article on basic llama care then Contact Us and we will connect Home-Seeking-Llama with Llama-Seeking-Home.

Some of the llamas are residents at The Sanctuary, but others we have never seen and know very little about.  As third party intermediary, The Llama Sanctuary is not responsible in any way for transactions outside of The Sanctuary.  Use common sense.

Llamas Looking For a Home


Abigail & Lizzy

Location: Grand Prairie, Alberta, Canadallama seeking new home

Mother and daughter pair (Abigail, 20 yrs old and Lizzy, 12 yrs old respectively) looking for a new home together.

They have been happily living for the last ten years, in a caring environment, but now the cattle have gone.  They are good guardians and would be very happy living with other animals.

Health: good

Training: halter trained and leadableclassic llamas, adopt a llama








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