RESOLVED – These Llamas Have Found a Home!

Searching For Love

Daisy, Buttercup and Ziggy are looking for somewhere to live.

Presently living on a farm in Langley, British Columbia, a family break-up means the farm must be sold and they won’t have anywhere to live or anyone to care for them.


Dark Brown with white patch on her chest. Mother of Daisy, Buttercup is very gentle and has been haltered in the past. Her age is unknown, but she is healthy and has been living with Ziggy and Daisy on the farm for the last ten years.

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Daisy & Buttercup what to do with animals in a divorce


A beautiful and sizeable fiber llama with fabulous soft brown fibre.  Born to Buttercup 10 years ago, she is friendly with all other animals (goat, sheep, dogs, horse & chickens).  She is not yet halter trained, but she puts up with being shorn every year.

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Slightly smaller than the girls, Ziggy is a gelded male. This gentle soul came from the auction 11 years ago. He’s always been very patient and friendly with all people and animals that live and visit the farm. He is submissive to the girls who always eat first and he loves a good scratch from a caring hand!

If you have the facilities to provide for these three beautiful llamas and the love and desire to care for them, please let us know and we will put you in touch.

Ziggy llama in Langley British Columbia looking for a home

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