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So Much to Do

The Llama Sanctuary is a busy place.  Without full time volunteers, our time is juggled between dashing off to help camelids in need, guiding visitors around the Sanctuary, keeping the place clean, safe and attractive and finding ways to fund the everything that is required.  Events form the hub of fund-raising activities.  Help to protect these beautiful creatures by joining us for Events.

Hi! I’m Duffy

I came as a BIG surprise to The Llama Sanctuary!  My mother, my sister and my auntie were abandoned on an unfenced property.  The Llama Sanctuary was called in to find them and provide them with a home, but they had no idea that my brother and me were about to step into the world.


What’s Going On?

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Llama Safari

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Visit The Llama Sanctuary

Guided Tours

There are several resident herds at The Llama Sanctuary.  The elderly, infirm, injured or sick have a special home called the Refirmary.  They love carrot sticks!

A small herd of alpacas keep the entrance neatly trimmed.  One of them is completely blind, but which one?

Newcomers are held in a special enclosure called the Green Room, whilst they adjust to their new suroundings.

Rocky watches over the rogues club and other llamas are scattered around according to what they like to do.  Keeping an eye on all of them is a full-time job.

Join us and learn about Camelids.

Feed them carrot snacks (25c a bag).

Llama Safari

The main herd of llamas roams freely through 30 acres of woodland, creek and meadows.  Every day, every single llama and alpaca must be located and identified to ensure they in are in good health and condition.  Join us as we walk through the many trails, ticking off each resident using an identity chart.

Take the chart home with you as a memento.


A Place for Parties

The Llama Sanctuary is beautiful and has many wonderful spots for celebrating life.  Parking is plentiful and there are very few annoying bugs!  What?

Enjoy interaction with the llamas and alpacas.

We can organize treasure hunts large and small.

If you would like something special, just ask.




attending workshops is a great way to help animals in need

Custom workshops are available covering a wide range of fibery subjects.  Learn to knit.  With Mega-knitting, you can learn to knit a whole blanket in a few hours!  Mega-knitting, hand knitting, crochet – all ages, all abilities.  Would you like to learn how to create beautiful macramé wall-hangings?  What about rug making?  knitted, crocheted, rag-rug weaving, salish loom and knotted rugs.  Try spinning artistic yarns on an Indian-Head Treadle.

Join us here for a workshop or if you get the people together, we can come to your home.  If you bring the people, you could earn points to pay for all the yarn you require for your next great project!

Fiber Arts Workshops


Upcoming workshops and fiber events are listed on Facebook

Sanctuary Events


Upcoming Safaris, Sanctuary Tours & other events are listed on Facebook


The Llama Sanctuary is the only dedicated camelid rescue centre in Western Canada.  We share this planet with an amazing variety of creatures, but our species has learned to mistreat the animal kingdoms.  As the consciousness of humankind is being elevated and expanded, more and more people are feeling the call to assist the hungry, the homeless, the abused, the needy, whether they be 2-legged, 4-legged, winged or finned.  The time to help our Earthly companions is right now.  You were drawn to this page, because we need your help.  Please consider making a donation.   We thank you!

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