How can you compare a few unwanted llamas to MILLIONS of starving children?

There are countless charitable organizations hanging off your arm or tugging at your heart strings; clawing at your emotions with pictures of skeletal children shedding  tears of hunger, begging you to open your wallet and part with your hard-earned, ‘sweat-equity’ notes.

rambo bids farewell, death of a llamaLiterally thousands of demands are made upon you every year from organizations who have to compete with each other for your good will.  I wish I could tell you that we’re different; well we’re not, but we do appreciate that we occupy a spot well down in the pecking order.

Almost all of the funding for the Llama Sanctuary comes out of our own pockets, and we do that gladly.  If you feel like us, that all creatures, great and small, deserve love and respect and you would like to help, then we would lick your shoes and sing The Messiah backwards if we thought it would make a difference!

Our intention is not to shock you by showing you the extent of cruelty that is sometimes heaped upon our furry and fibrous brothers; there’s already enough of that shoved in our faces, whichever way we turn.  I can’t help thinking that such a constant display of pain in our every waking moment, must surely immunize us or anesthetize us to the real agony.

We like to show you the good stuff; the everyday downs and ups; the interesting snippets and factoids that help to expand our knowledge, understanding, appreciation and experience in life and inject a little glow of ‘feelgood’ to your day.  If we have succeeded in any small way, then that also makes us feel good.  I love the way energy flows like that!

If you happen to be rooting around under your mattress and find a stack of old notes with pictures of Queens and dead presidents that you’re not sure what to do with, please send them our way.  You shall be smothered in llama hugs and kisses for your act of kindness and generosity!llamas feeling good

You can help in other ways though!  It might seem rather piffling, but following us on Facebook or Pinning some of our pictures on Pinterest or Google+ really does help.  It surprised us to learn that a big percentage of visitors to our online store come from Pinterest and Google!

Building materials, fencing, feed, hay, tools, fiber, lumber, buckets and barrows – these things we use every day and if you have surplus from garage or barn clearance or you have contacts in trades that regularly dump such things, then please spare a thought for us.  Even this little shelter was built largely from donated or discounted materials:donations to help llama rescue

In the meantime, you can hop along to our fiber arts store and see if something takes your fancy.  All proceeds from the store go directly toward helping the animals in our care.

Thanks for smiling upon this page  and sparing a little time and love for the llamas.  X