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  • Fact: a llama’s stomach accounts for more than 25% of body weight and this dense mass of fermentation acts like a furnace.


Head over to https://fibre-arts-bootcamp.myshopify.com and use the discount code LLAMALOVE50 in the Fibre Arts Bootcamp store. This store is entirely dedicated to supporting The Llama Sanctuary.

A major cold spell is gripping parts of North America and llamas and alpacas require a lot more food to fill their stomachs to keep warm.

Instead of asking for money to help the llamas, Fibre Arts Bootcamp has found a way of giving YOU a gift that also helps The Llama Sanctuary.


For the next 2 weeks, all the way up to Valentine’s Day, head over to the Fibre Arts Bootcamp store and get 50% off all of the ‘Build Your Own’ plans. These downloadable packages include everything you need to know in order to build your own spinning wheel on a treadle sewing machine, an awesome fibre picker, a unique conversion from a concrete mixer to a fibre tumbler and FAB’s incredibly popular Rag Rug weaving loom.

Use the following link to claim your discount now. No strings attached. Everyone wins.

Build-Your-Own – Downloadable Plans

Take a moment to breathe into the fact that we share this planet with so many other wonderful kingdoms of life.  Because of what we humans have done to this world, many of those animals require a helping hand.

Thank you


we can all make miracles happen