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Build Your Own Fiber Tumbler

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The plans are available for immediate download and include additional photographs showing the tumbler in action.

The Fiber Tumbler is yet another machine that was created from need.  The Llama Sanctuary is not in the business of keeping animals for their fiber, but some of the llamas and all of the alpacas need shearing every year.  Much of the fleece is low quality, but can still be converted into rug yarns, but finding the easiest way to get dirt and debris out of the fleece has been a ajor problem …and then along came the Tumbling machine.

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Shake out the dirt baby, Shake it out!


That’s what you will be shouting when you see this machine in action.  The mountain of detritis that collects under this machine after a couple of hours of use is truly astonishing.

If you intend to do a lot of fiber processing at home, then even if you had to buy a new concrete mixer to begin with, this machine will quickly pay for itself in time saved.  A commercially built tumbler will set you back several thousand dollars.  You can build this one yourself for about $80 plus another $300 for a cheap concrete mixer, if you don’t already have one that’s suitable, that is!  You might also want to invest in a leaf blower, which could set you back another $75.  But then again, you might already have one that you play with in the garden.

It’s such a waste to have a machine that can only perform one job, especially when it’s unlikely to be used for more than one week a year.  I love versatility and that’s precisely what this simple conversion allows you to do; transform a small concrete mixer into a fiber tumbler …and back again when required.

The plans have been created using CAD (computer aided design) and include 29 3-dimensional CAD drawings, plus numerous photographs, showing you precisely how to build this machine yourself and get the most from it.  The detailed documentation, contains clear instructions for building the tumbler together with useful tips to ensure it serves you well.


Build Your Own

Download the plans now

This fibre tumbler is spacious and can handle a lot of fiber, but don’t fill the cage more than one third full.  The more you put in, the less effective it becomes.

These Detailed Plans include everything you need to know to build your own wool and fleece tumbler, including the different types of concrete mixers that can be converted.

There’s only one thing stopping you from jumping in and building your own – and that’s fear!  Fear that you aren’t good enough to build it or fear that you don’t know how. With the Internet at your fingertips, there are thousands of people out there who willingly help others to achieve their goals. We live in the age of information, but it doesn’t mean we can’t still be manually creative.  Enjoy the journey of creativity, not just the result.

Video Tutorials

CLICK HERE to visit our video channel on YouTube and see the tumbler in action.

WARNING – this video is a bit old and horrifically boring …but you get to see what the machine can do.

You have been warned!


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